ACL Post-Op Day 10


    • Can move around with one-crutch without issue.
    • Can manage a few steps without crutches.
    • Still using brace locked at full extension.
    • Still have stitches, although butterfly bandages (“steri-strips”) are starting to peel.
    • Cannot drive yet.
    • Showered for the first time last night in nine days.
    • Extension: 0°
    • Flexion: 119°
    • Total leg lifts/heel slides/quad sets completed: ~1300 each (~30 each, 5 times a day since the operation)

Main Accomplishment Today:

Walked to Mabel’s and back with just the one crutch. Got a coffee and a nanaimo bar.

When you factor in the insanely long hallway in our building, that comes to a total of ~360m. (Also, did ~250m this morning on two crutches to get to and from my physio appointment.)