ACL Post-Op Day 18

(Wrote this on Tuesday but posting now.)


    • First post-op follow-up with OS (had to wait ~2 hours).
    • Butterfly bandages were removed.
      • There were no stitches, just glue.
      • I was as surprised as the resident who removed the bandages.
    • Wound and knee are healing well.
      • Pretty itchy, though.
    • Stuck in knee brace (locked at full extension) for at least two more weeks.
      • Can sleep without the brace now.
    • Can move around the house without crutches.
    • Can move around more outside and long-ish distances with knee brace.
    • Cannot drive until knee brace comes off.
    • Number of times showered in the last 2.5 weeks: 2.
      • Can now shower without a bag over my foot so the showering frequency may increase.
    • Extension: +1° (hyperextension) (baseline: +6°)
    • Flexion: 130° (baseline: 144°)
    • Started 5-10 minutes on recumbent bike at PT
      • Will start upright bike on Friday.
    • Total leg lifts/heel slides/quad sets completed: ~2000 each