ACL Post-Op Day 25


  • Progressing better than expected (according to PT).
    • Entire left leg feels stronger and more confident.
    • Lots of walking with the brace on Saturday around Pan Am Park.
    • Trying to walk between 0.5-1km every day.
  • (Likely) One more week with the brace.
    • Need to be cleared by PT first.
  • One more week until we can progress to standing exercises.
  • Showering frequency has increased to every other day.
  • Range-of-Motion almost back to normal (i.e. compared to right leg)
    • Extension: +5° (hyperextension) (baseline: +6°)
    • Flexion: 140° (baseline: 144°)
  • Started upright bike
    • Been on it three times now for ~10 minutes each, at no resistance.
  • Total leg lifts/heel slides/quad sets completed: ~2850 each